5 Key Tips To Finding The Best Engineering Internships

Gifted young professionals who find their skillset with mathematics and science could well benefit from participating in engineering internships.

These programs provide a balance to the theory in the classroom by offering real world experience with enterprises spanning the country and overseas.

The challenge for men and women in this instance is not finding any internship but identifying the right program for their needs.

Instead of settling for second best during this journey, take stock of some essential tips that have assisted other emerging engineers on their quest.


1 – Research Engineering Organisations Offering Intern Programs

The good news for those young professionals seeking to build some momentum with their career is that engineering internships continue to post for new positions. This is a diverse field that spans the environment, civics, chemicals, mechanics and electrical development respectively. To receive the best possible experience and walk away from those weeks with a superior level of knowledge and insight than before, it is worthwhile researching the credentials of these companies individually. That will help to establish which of these brands enjoys a quality track record offering full-time roles for interns, which outlets remunerate the best and which organisations are able to make that transition from university to the public or private sector all the more seamless.


2 – Contact University For Insights

The most effective strategy in 2020 to getting a foot in the door with engineering internships is working closely with the university or college. These institutions offer a direct pathway to these exact initiatives, helping to compliment the theoretical work in the lecture halls with contacts in the public and private engineering sectors. Lecturers and teachers in this field will be able to pass on their experience and advice, detailing what they have seen and identifying personal quality traits that could transition well to certain organisations.


3 – Understand Essential Job Requirements

Engineering internships are unlike any other type of position in the market. They will have their limitations because they are not full-time contracted roles, but they will have their opportunities because young professionals are not boxed into designated duties either. This is where the devil will really be it the detail, so it is worthwhile highlighting what qualities they are looking for, what skillsets will be a priority and which type of degree will be commensurate with the program. Matching those elements is key to earning an interview.


4 – Develop The Right Resume & Cover Letter

resume draft

Once there has been an acknowledgement of the type of engineering internships that are on offer and the qualities they are seeking, the next phase is to develop a resume and cover letter. This is where closed doors become open when there is a professional presentation that details what is being studied, what characteristics they present, what their career ambitions are and who their references are. The cover letter will then act as a reflection of the organisation itself, offering insights into the business and explaining why the candidate would be a good fit into the workplace culture.


5 – Keep an Open Mind

Sometimes the best engineering internships will require some extensive travel or working for an enterprise that does not have the most recognisable of reputations in the industry. They might even emerge from a company that has not advertised for such a program, creating an opportunity for an ambitious young professional to enter into the role based purely on drive and determination. Keeping an open mind with engineering internships is always the best maneuver in this setting because it could establish a career pathway that was never thought possible before.


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