5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Bamboo Toilet Paper Delivery

The ongoing coronavirus has irreparably changed the way our society operates and functions. Social distancing measurements and temporary shutdowns of the economy have forced many businesses to cut costs to survive. Many of those unable to salvage their businesses have been forced into liquidation. However, the sanitary tissue industry has been embracing unrivaled demand, largely because of people panic buying in the face of an uncertain future.

As life starts reverting to some sense of normality, those with compromised immune systems or those within the fatal age bracket of COVID19 need to remain especially vigilant. Here is why bamboo toilet paper delivery should be something you consider in order to minimise public contact and uphold social distancing.



If you have a pre-existing health condition like asthma or live with people who are in the fatal age bracket for the coronavirus, then minimising your contact with strangers is always a good bet. Sanitary items are an essential product in every household. If you want access to such products in a way that is safer for you and your family, then consider getting bamboo toilet paper delivery for your home. You shouldn’t have to compromise your family’s health and wellbeing for essential items.


More convenient

Even during periods of economic and social stability, distribution services are highly effective because they are more convenient for the consumer. It saves them time and money, especially if they organise a large shop with their local supermarket. Moreover, customers can now have their items transported to their home at a time that is convenient and suitable for them.


More sustainable

Services in bamboo toilet paper delivery are highly sustainable on several fronts. Firstly, the material itself is 100% biodegradable. This means that it will always break down quickly and efficiently when it goes through your plumbing system. Secondly, having it transported to your home for you saves you using petrol and other resources to get to and from the store. On a micro level, this might seem insignificant, however, across an entire neighbourhood, district or even state, such behaviour is ultimately more sustainable in the long-term.


It’s better

toilet paper

You should consider bamboo toilet paper delivery simply because the product itself is better. Why? Well, it’s proven to be softer and stronger than more conventional sanitary tissues. This is because the bamboo plant is proven to be stronger and more reliable than hardwood and softwood (both of which are used concurrently to produce many sanitary items). The wicker plant has even been cited as being stronger than some forms of industrial steel.

Additionally, this sustainable substitute is also odour resistant, antibacterial and even anti-fungal. This makes it the perfect option for customers who might suffer from dust allergies or have highly sensitive skin conditions (like dermatitis). So, if you or someone in your family is prone to rashes, you should consider organising bamboo toilet paper delivery for your home.


It’s growing in popularity

Finally, everyone should consider making the switch to bamboo toilet paper delivery because it’s an industry well on the rise. Because of deforestation concerns and pressure within the industry to source more sustainable modes of production, ecologically grounded products are becoming more popular. This is because, in the eyes of the customer, ethical considerations are becoming more apparent and a more decisive aspect of the customer’s buying decision. In fact, the current coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated a greater need for sustainable alternatives (as production gaps in sanitary products were made obvious during the months of panic buying). So, if you want reliable and affordable bamboo toilet paper delivery services, reach out to a local provider today!

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