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Creative Strategies That Work Well For DIY Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations don’t always work well when they are set out as costly and extravagant designs.

There is a subtle quality to these products that mean more for recipients when they are crafted with a delicate personal touch, placing the emphasis on creative strategies that have a proven track record.

For couples who are working on this venture in a DIY fashion, they should know that there are simple steps to take that can make the exercise easier for all parties.

Before starting the adventure with DIY wedding invitations, take note of some top creative strategies that work for couples.


Watercolours for Vibrancy

Plain white backgrounds might be practical, but for DIY wedding invitations to get creative, it is always beneficial to provide a splash of watercolour. These paper materials are simple to source, affordable and ensure that the text and imagery still remains front and center whilst offering a lovely aesthetic appeal. It can be a fine line between creating a card that is too colourful and dense to overshadow the written text, but if designed correctly, it can really make the content pop and standout as a fantastic keepsake for recipients. If vibrancy is required for the invitations, this is a creative strategy that has proven very effective.


Attaching a Ribbon

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Nothing compliments a lovely set of wedding invitations quite like a beautiful silk ribbon. Not only does it look a pretty picture and add value to the package, but it allows for a very practical inclusion of extra cards and information for RSVP details and personal messages included. Instead of fearing that some items might slip out of order in post, a ribbon attached will offer a romantic touch for the recipients.


Personalised Stamps & Embossers

If there is a few dollars left up the sleeve with the couples who are working on DIY wedding invitations, then securing a personalised range of stamps and embossers will add a delicate touch to proceedings. Suppliers will be able to craft these items so long as they have notice ahead of time, ensuring that these items look as first-class as possible without actually having to cost fortunes in the process. This will offer a traditional quality to the items, ensuring that they are not consigned to the rest of the mail pack among the other bills and junk mail.


Find Wedding Template Designs

For those couples who feel like they have reached a dead end with their wedding invitations and don’t know what style or theme works, there are easy ways to seek inspiration. By running on online search for free template designs, men and women can discover a range of invitation creations that can work for the occasion. This is an exercise that costs nothing and can help to build momentum on the project. Themes will range from modern and traditional to seasonal, destination, cultural or a mixture of colours and tones that provide a framework for the creation.


Opt for Smaller Sizes

In a vast majority of cases, couples who are designing wedding invitations will stick to a rigid size format of 4.5 x 6.25 inches. However, in 2020 there is a trending shift away from this thinking, opening up opportunities for those men and women who like to experiment with love heart shapes, rectangular designs and other colourful and vibrant presentations that help to lower postage fees. These cards only need to include a series of essential information including the names of the couple, the address, time and date, name of hosts, RSVP details and dress code. Everything else in this setting is a blank slate, so why stick with convention if there are easier and more cost effective routes to take?



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