How To Choose Colors For The Exterior Of A Roof House & Siding

Home improvement and redecorating can be a lot of fun, but there are some difficult decisions to make. Select the correct colors for the roof and walls of your home to make it attractive and appropriate to look at in the neighborhood. In the end, the color of the roof of your house and the siding is mainly a matter of your preference. It is not up to any other person. Search your favorites to see what you like and what you will be happiest with the house when it is done.


1 Check with your home association to see if there are guidelines to follow when selecting colors for your ceiling and walls.

2 Take a look at other houses in the neighborhood. If each home has a gray roof, you may want to consider a gray roof and keep the area looking uniform. Drive around other areas and keep your eyes peeled for a combination of colors that you like.

3 Take a look at your blinds. Homes that have matching ceilings and shutters are standard, and the look could work for your home as well.

4 Look at the different colors available in the coating and ceiling styles you have selected. If any of them match a color that has meaning to you, consider using that to make your home very personal.

Five test colors in the context of your home. If everything is green, a beautiful blue or yellow coating could look excellent, with a gray or black roof. In a more deserted or urban setting, you may want to go with white, green or gray siding and a black roof.

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