How To Select Colors For The Outside Of A Cape Cod House

Your Cape Cod style house is a reflection of the settlers’ houses once built upon arrival in America. These homes are designed to withstand strong sea winds, at the same time, incorporate a comfortable feeling for guests and family members. With the classic style of the structure of the house, the choice of colors that imitate timelessness and grace are essential. Traditional colors that can be found in the garden and landscape are also inviting the Cape Cod home.


1 Examine the color sequences that paint manufacturers have created for houses of the same style or era. For example, look for exterior designs that indicate “colonial” or “traditional” to get a better idea of what the colors of the Cape Cod house would be most attractive in.

2 Look to nature for natural color inspiration. A Cape Cod house is a reflection of the natural environment that encompasses seasides and grassy beach lands. These colors are pure and in bold since they are derived directly from the sea and the earth. This is especially important when your Cape Cod home is set against a backdrop of thick forests or a beach, as the colors will allow the house to mix with the land.

3 Consider each element of the house when choosing colors for the exterior. The blinds of equipment and windows should be bold, however, suitable for the background color selected to cover the siding. Accent colors are usually dynamic enough to draw attention to details, such as brown or chocolate brown. These colors are often used in unison with neutrals. However, they provide the aesthetic effect it is necessary to draw attention to the distinctive features of your house.

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