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Why A Criminal Lawyer In Melbourne Who Can Help Keep You Calm In Court Is So Important

It is not uncommon for people out there to be consumed by guilt and shame when they find themselves going through some kind of legal situation. Because of this, many people may develop the mentality that they will get what they deserve and might even be tempted not to elicit any legal support. It is very important to know what when people are unprepared like this, the chances will then increase that they will receive a punishment that is well above what they deserve.

Furthermore, for the legal system to work, each and every person has to have a fair trial and in order for this to occur, people will need to hire some kind of legal representation. This isn’t about getting out of something, it is about doing what is fair and right. So to best help those who may be facing some kind of trial or hearing, here is why a criminal lawyer in Melbourne who can help keep you calm in court is so important.


A criminal lawyer in Melbourne who can help keep you calm in court is so important as many people can end up having panic attacks in this situation

man whose hands had been handcuffed

When people are thrown into unknown circumstances, their body’s innate flight or fight system will usually kick in which means that people will either have the urge to run or they will have the urge to get angry and fight. Neither of these scenarios are appropriate in court and are really only appropriate if people have some kind of predator to run away from. As this is the case, people will usually have to go through certain training so that they are able to control their emotions in the court room.

Furthermore, people are usually able to control their emotions when they know what to expect. This is why a good criminal lawyer in Melbourne will go through all sorts of scenarios with their clients so that they can be prepared for all sorts of different questions to pop up. For instance, it is not uncommon for the other team to present evidence that is not completely true or to ask provoking questions that are designed to upset the client and so elicit some kind of outburst.


A criminal lawyer in Melbourne who can help keep you calm in court is so important as it may help you with how you want to present yourself to a judge


As sad as this truth may be, the reality is that people who look a certain way are more likely to receive harsher punishments compared to people who look more presentable. This is why there are so many people out there who fork out the money to have their face tattoos removed before they attend their hearing. Each and every person in the world has external biases and some say this is because as a species we have in-built mechanisms that are designed to protect us from harm (which is usually things that are new).

While a judge may do their best to not have any biases, they are still human and so this can only go so far. As this is the case, people must do their best to present themselves in a way that it is appealing such as covering their tattoos and dressing appropriately. This is also why it is important to work with a criminal lawyer in Melbourne who can help keep you calm in court as this may look better in the judge’s eyes.

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