How Style Virtually The Exterior Paint Colors Of A Colonial House

Colonial houses traditionally protest against the relative excesses of Victorian architecture. Vivid Victorian colors and elaborate, ornate lines gave way to quiet and elegant forms in more stately Colonial tones, offering a relationship of order and simplicity. The typical colonial house, historically, featured a youthful appearance with muted tones of the exterior paint of the molding, house (called the “field”) and the accent colors. Restore your colonial with a new coat of exterior paint, with traditional colors, or choose your palette. Several websites offer a simple method to practically “try out” different colors before buying the paint.


1 Take digital photographs of your home. Focus on the front view, which gives you the first impression of the house when you approach it. Although photos are not necessary with each virtual drawing program offered by various corporate websites and some may not allow you to upload your photo, just having the images to look at while you test colors help you imagine at home.

2 Download your digital images to the computer as you would typically give a camera and software. Save the pictures on the desktop, in a jpeg format, to facilitate access during the virtual exterior color house session. Print a copy of the movie if you want an unpainted copy to look at while the program is open.

3 Choose a virtual home based web-based drawing program. Some paint manufacturers such as Sherwin-William, Benjamin Moore, Behr, and Valspar offer this service at no cost, as well as other major home improvement names, such as Bob Villa. Although there is also software available for purchase, for the average homeowner, free programs are sufficient.

4 Register and create a free account on the website that offers the virtual painting service, if necessary. Behr, for example, instructs users to sign up for a free subscription, while Sherwin-Williams does not. Consult the website involved to determine the restrictions or special requirements.

5 Select the option to upload a photo, if offered, or use images of the program; this may appear as an option to “choose color” or “choose a scene” or as an opportunity formulated similarly.

6 Follow the instructions that appear after uploading your image, or select the “colonial” style and choose a copy of the colonial style photos of the houses that are offered as an alternative. The options and necessary steps, while varying depending on the virtual painting tool assigned, are marked and simple. If you do a mistake, refresh the page and enter the program again.

7 Choose the color palette that appeals to you between the presented options. Scroll through the colors to find the one you want. Apply the color in general, by clicking on the color and touching your mouse pointer to the area of the house in which you want to see. Paint the lavender field, for example, and try a pale gray-violet on the blinds and the door with a deep burgundy on the ring.

8 “Undo” or “Clear” your colors as you experiment with the options available to you. Change the images if you want to get a different view of your home in the programs that allow you to upload and print photos of your own home outside.

9 Save the images will be painted, reflecting the colors you like, on the computer or the program, as indicated, when you have finished. The digital images and value images that are offered usually allow you to maintain the images you want. Use them in the future when you are ready to buy new exterior paint.

How To Select Colors For The Outside Of A Cape Cod House

Your Cape Cod style house is a reflection of the settlers’ houses once built upon arrival in America. These homes are designed to withstand strong sea winds, at the same time, incorporate a comfortable feeling for guests and family members. With the classic style of the structure of the house, the choice of colors that imitate timelessness and grace are essential. Traditional colors that can be found in the garden and landscape are also inviting the Cape Cod home.


1 Examine the color sequences that paint manufacturers have created for houses of the same style or era. For example, look for exterior designs that indicate “colonial” or “traditional” to get a better idea of what the colors of the Cape Cod house would be most attractive in.

2 Look to nature for natural color inspiration. A Cape Cod house is a reflection of the natural environment that encompasses seasides and grassy beach lands. These colors are pure and in bold since they are derived directly from the sea and the earth. This is especially important when your Cape Cod home is set against a backdrop of thick forests or a beach, as the colors will allow the house to mix with the land.

3 Consider each element of the house when choosing colors for the exterior. The blinds of equipment and windows should be bold, however, suitable for the background color selected to cover the siding. Accent colors are usually dynamic enough to draw attention to details, such as brown or chocolate brown. These colors are often used in unison with neutrals. However, they provide the aesthetic effect it is necessary to draw attention to the distinctive features of your house.

How To Choose Colors For The Exterior Of A Roof House & Siding

Home improvement and redecorating can be a lot of fun, but there are some difficult decisions to make. Select the correct colors for the roof and walls of your home to make it attractive and appropriate to look at in the neighborhood. In the end, the color of the roof of your house and the siding is mainly a matter of your preference. It is not up to any other person. Search your favorites to see what you like and what you will be happiest with the house when it is done.


1 Check with your home association to see if there are guidelines to follow when selecting colors for your ceiling and walls.

2 Take a look at other houses in the neighborhood. If each home has a gray roof, you may want to consider a gray roof and keep the area looking uniform. Drive around other areas and keep your eyes peeled for a combination of colors that you like.

3 Take a look at your blinds. Homes that have matching ceilings and shutters are standard, and the look could work for your home as well.

4 Look at the different colors available in the coating and ceiling styles you have selected. If any of them match a color that has meaning to you, consider using that to make your home very personal.

Five test colors in the context of your home. If everything is green, a beautiful blue or yellow coating could look excellent, with a gray or black roof. In a more deserted or urban setting, you may want to go with white, green or gray siding and a black roof.